Hiding Courses

CanvasCBL can hide courses that you might not want to see in your CanvasCBL dashboard. For example, you could hide d.lab classes that may still have a grade but aren’t really relevant day-to-day.

When you hide a course, it only disappears from CanvasCBL. It does not remove you from the class or hide it on Canvas.

CanvasCBL also remembers courses that you hide across devices, so if you hide a class on your computer, it’ll be hidden on your phone, too.

Hiding A Course

To hide a class, first, open the Course Settings menu by clicking on the + next to a course’s name.

Plus next to a course name

Then, just enable the toggle to hide the course.

Hide a course toggle

Bam! The course is now gone from your dashboard on all your devices.

Unhiding A Course

When you unhide a course, it’ll reappear in your CanvasCBL dashboard on all your devices.

First, visit the CanvasCBL settings page. Then, enable Show Hidden Courses.

Show hidden courses toggle

Now, navigate back to the grades page. You’ll see courses that were hidden have a little eye next to them. This indicates that they’re normally hidden.

Hidden course

Expand the course by clicking on the + to the left of the course’s name, then you can disable hiding the course.

Remember that CanvasCBL remembers which courses are hidden and shown on all your devices– just reload CanvasCBL on other devices for changes to take effect.



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