Distance Learning

This helpdesk article is deprecated and its information is no longer accurate. It is here for reference only.

CanvasCBL offers the most comprehensive set of tools to manage distance learning.

Available tools include:

  • Seeing your pass/incomplete grades
  • Breakdowns of your in-person courses
  • Mobile view for everything

See grades

CanvasCBL offers three view options in our Mobile and Desktop view. The options are:

  • Show Pass/Incomplete Grades
  • Show Individual Course Grades (Traditional View)
  • Show Both

Show Pass/Incomplete Grades

Pass/Incomplete grades

Pass/Incomplete grades will show up on your transcript.

These attempt to be the same grades that you’ll see on said that transcript.

Show Individual Course Grades (Traditional View)

Individual Course Grades

Individual Course Grades is what CanvasCBL traditionally showed.

It shows the grade for each class. For the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, those are not your final grades. They are combined to make a final pass/incomplete grade.

A Course is Missing from Pass/Incomplete View!

If a course is missing, that means CanvasCBL wasn’t able to match your courses. This might be because you have nicknamed your courses in Canvas.

This video shows how to nickname courses. If you did something like this, please remove the nickname and reload CanvasCBL.

Something Else Is Wrong

Sorry about that! We’ve done our best to make Distance Learning grade calculations as rock-solid as possible, but even we trip once in a while.

Please contact us with a description of your issue and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



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