This document has answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What makes CanvasCBL different than the CBL Grade Dashboard?

CanvasCBL makes it much easier to understand a path forward. Some notable features include:

  • Grade Breakdowns (see things like your lowest outcome, assignments and future assignments by outcome and way more!)
  • Grade Change Notifications (get a notification when your grades change)
  • Mobile support (CanvasCBL works on your phone– just visit canvascbl.com from your phone!)

Can CanvasCBL change my grades?


When you authenticate via Canvas, CanvasCBL gets a token that has the permissions you do. So, CanvasCBL literally can not change grades.

Can I pay CanvasCBL to give me better grades?


See this answer for more information.

Do you sell my grades?

No. We have never and will never.

Do you ever share my grades?

Only with your permission.

CanvasCBL works with other apps (like Daniel Stoiber’s Lab Lister), and when they want your data (grades and more), you’ll see a prompt outlining exactly what they will have access to. They’re also never allowed to store grades. Learn more about other apps and what they can do here.

We can also use data like grades without any personally identifiable information in groups of 10 or more for purposes like publishing semester reports and grade trends (soon!).

Read our full privacy policy here.



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