The Grade Breakdown Page

The Grade Breakdown is one of CanvasCBL’s core features. It shows tons of information about your grade, like:

  • Your current grade (of course!)
  • Average grade for the course (CanvasCBL+ users only)
  • Your lowest outcome and its score
  • Your average outcome score
  • All of your outcomes

The Grade Card

The Grade Card

The Grade Card is pretty simple. It shows your current grade and the “all above” and “most above” scores for your grade.

If you have CanvasCBL+, you will also be able to see the average grade for the class.

The Outcome Card

The Outcome Card

The Outcome Card has multiple tabbed sections. By default, you’ll see your lowest outcome.

The Average Outcome Score is a raw (mean) average of all your outcome scores. It is not factored into your grade, and is provided for reference only.

The How To Get An A section shows steps towards getting an A. It’s only available for CanvasCBL+ users.

The more info section provides some bits about the grade calculation.

The Outcomes Table

The Outcomes Table

The Outcomes Table shows all of the outcomes that currently have a grade.

It shows your score, whether the lowest score was dropped, the number of assignments factoring into your score, and the most recent assignment.

Click on the little + in the left column to expand an outcome–that’s really where CanvasCBL’s power starts to shine.

Click the Open on Canvas link to open any item you see on Canvas– CanvasCBL does not replace Canvas.

An Outcome

An Expanded Outcome

Click on the little + icon in the left column to expand an outcome.

There, you’ll see things like that outcome’s average score (if you have CanvasCBL+), Future Assignments for this outcome, and all current Assignments for this outcome.

The Future Assignments table and the Current Assignments table are paginated, meaning that, if there are more than 10, you will need to use the little arrows at the bottom right of the tables to see all items.



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